Can’t log into last year’s CROP Hunger Walk account

If you try to use last year’s log in information, you may find that the system tells you that no account is associated with that email address. This is because we switched systems in December 2015. We did this to make your user experience as smooth and engaging as possible, while still enabling all of our back end systems to talk to each other in an efficient manner.

Unfortunately, we were not able to migrate all of our user’s data into the new system. We still have record of all of the wonderful work you’ve done for CROP Hunger Walk, but any user of the new CROP Hunger Walk site cannot access that data.

In order to get access to your CROP Hunger Walk account, you will need to register for your particular Walk. From there, you’ll be able to import all of your contacts, set up your Personal Page, email donors and other participants and much more!