CROP Hunger Walk App

Our new CROP Hunger Walk app is now available in the Google Play and Apple stores.  For our Fall 2017 season, we are piloting the app for a small number of Walks. 

If your Walk is part of the pilot, here are some ways you can use the app to connect with others and raise funds.

Download and Install

Search for “CROP Hunger Walk” in the Google Play or Apple store. Then download it to your phone for free.

Track Your Progress

Quickly check your fundraising totals and progress towards your goal. And if you are part of an online team, you can see the total the team has raised and the number of team members who are involved.

Connect Quickly and Easily

Use your native phone and text messaging functions to reach out to your family, friends and other contacts. Ask them to join, invite them to support you, and send quick reminders. If you connect your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, you can reach out through those channels as well.

See Your List of Supporters

Tap the “Thank Donors” section and you’ll see a list of who has donated, how much, and when. Then one more click and you can your phone’s native functions to say a quick word of appreciation.