CWS/CROP Staff Page

Meet the team

Here’s a behind-the-scene look at our CWS staff who support around 1,000 CROP Hunger Walks around the nation. Our CROP Hunger Walk team – including thousands of volunteers like you – raise roughly $10 million annually in the fight to end hunger! Together, we are changing the world, one step at a time.

CROP Hunger Walk National Staff

Chantel Boyd (IA) – “I know what hunger and the walk for food/water/shelter is like; I also know how life-changing it is when a stranger helps you on your path. Now, I walk in the CROP Hunger Walk to be that stranger for someone else.”

Teresa Cintron (PA) – “The Walks are important to me because they are an opportunity to exercise universal values such as faith, solidarity and reverence in our communities; walking with and for neighbors allows us to embrace our caring human nature.”

Andrew Gifford (OH) – “I walk in the CROP Hunger Walk because it’s a fantastic event that brings diverse communities together for the common purpose of ending hunger and poverty around the block and around the world.”

Lary Jackson (MI) – “I choose to walk for one day in the footsteps of those who have no choice but to walk every day for their food, water and meeting their basic needs.”

Erin Luchenbill (MA) – “I want to see hunger end in my lifetime and CROP Hunger Walks are a tangible way to make this vision and prayer a reality.”

Roberta Macauley (NC) – “CROP Hunger Walks are so important because they allow us, as global citizens, to live out our faith in a tangible way by ensuring that our brothers and sisters all across the world have their basic needs met so they have an opportunity to live out the fullness of their lives.”